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Membership Benefits

Through Oregon Press Women, you join an umbrella organization for professional communicators in many fields.

  • You benefit from OPW / NFPW membership and its programs of career enhancement and professional recognition.
  • You have opportunities for networking, friendships and personal growth.
  • You can take advantage of informal mentoring from seasoned professional communicators.
  • You are added to the OPW membership directory, a statewide networking tool.
  • Your OPW / NFPW membership makes you eligible for discounted libel insurance, grants, credit cards and other benefits through the National Federation of Press Women.
  • Oregon Press Women’s events and professional skill-building programs enable you to network with other communication professionals.
  • OPW’s annual contest has categories for every communication field. You receive written critiques from contest judges. First-place winners, if they are NFPW members, compete against top entries from other states in a national competition.
  • You receive notices of state, regional and national workshops, conferences and publications.
  • You can earn college credits at some national conference sessions.
  • E-mail updates keep you informed about crucial First Amendment issues.


NFPW dues: $78 per year

OPW / NFPW dues: $103 per year

OPW only: $25 (A restricted membership with no NFPW membership benefits)

OPW only associate memberships: $25 (For members new to the communication field.)

NFPW student membership: $10 for college students enrolled in a communications-related major or working part- or full-time in a communications field.

Apply for Membership

We want you to be one of us! It's easy!
  • Download the Membership Application Form (pdf) and fill in your information
  • Provide two samples of your work.
  • Write a check made out to OPW for the appropriate amount.
  • Mail to the address on the form.


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